ODDBALLS Theatre Makers has a range of groups for young people aged between 5 and 16 that provides an environment where they can rehearse, devise, produce and learn about theatre and its many aspects. Based in Guiseley, we are dedicated to nurturing and developing local young people in our groups ,meeting weekly working towards performances and expanding theatrical skills!

For more information, please call 07902190002 or email info@codswallop.org.uk!


Oddballs considers it imperative to understand the importance of the passion behind any performance and to teach the graciousness that should come with pride, praise and attention.

Oddballs also persistently strives for outstanding performances and believes encouragement and nurturing participants is the key to doing so. We are keen to see our participants reach their full potential and equip them with confidence, communication and social skills that will last them for life as well as enhance their skills in the performing arts or behind the scenes work.

Oddballs recognises the importance of community and builds on a base of moral principles to ensure a healthy environment to develop in


Oddballs Theatre Makers ensures that all those participating in the group will be pushed to reach their maximum potential on and off the stage as they are trained in basic theatre skills and taught to appreciate the significance of the passion behind their work. Each participant is acknowledged individually to ensure a sense of belonging and encouragement with positive role model leaders.

As with every Codswallop group, Oddballs is run under the Codswallop Mission Statement and Child Protection Policy, to achieve our Company Aims which can be found here.