The Talking Trail was initially developed for the Tales Told Festival 2017 by Codswallop CIC, funded by Leeds Inspired and produced by students of Guiseley School.

The project is designed to create an interest in local history through a treasure trail style walk around the oldest parts of Guiseley.  There are 8 plaques with a very brief snippet of history of the place, either through fun facts, local legends or landmarks. 


The trail comprises of 8 plaques, each one has an engraved section of an image. Once the paper has been aligned correctly, a rubbing can be made of the plaque, and each plaque provides a different section of an image, once all 8 plaques have been visited, it reveals a image celebrating the best bits of Guiseley! 

You can download a map and instruction sheet here:

At special events, the trail is brought to life with characters who talk to and interact with participants as they complete the trail!  The characters are reincarnations of real life people who lived in Guiseley in the late 1800's/ early 1900's such as 'PC Bobby Dead-Legs'  who lived on Springfield Road and got is nickname after being too overweight to chase after the young troublemakers of the time, or the Mad Rector who once he had passed away, parishioners went to clean out the old rectory and found he was sleeping on a bed made entirely of Marmelade jars.