Codswallop CIC is an exciting new arts company in Guiseley born out of JP Productions who have been striving to make the arts accessible to all in Guiseley since 2013. Our change to become a Community Interest Company was born out of our desire to bring bigger, better and more arts events to Guiseley and our new status means that our community aims are recognised by funding organisations and Companies House; opening up more opportunities for us to be creative in Aireborough!

Codswallop CIC is also striving to change perceptions of the arts, prove its vital role in the community and the benefits brought by art, music and theatre to all ages in the community. In a time where arts funding is often the first to be cut, we hope to work tirelessly to promote its value in education and make sure that everyone has access to a creative outlet.

In addition to this, we passionately believe that arts events should be accessible to everyone in the community; physically and monetarily. We are always developing new ways to reach out to those with physical disabilities, learning disabilities as well as dementia. We pride ourselves in being all-inclusive and we hope that our 'Pay What You Can' ticketing scheme can allow those who would otherwise be unable to afford to, to bring the whole family to events and enjoy family entertainment together. 

At Codswallop CIC, we strive to deliver constantly high quality performances in all artistic mediums. 

In doing so, we believe it is imperative that any persons involved in Codswallop CIC should develop from the experience personally by providing them with an encouraging environment to flourish and reach and stretch their maximum potential. 

Those in a position of leadership with Codswallop CIC invest in participants individually, nurturing and encouraging their talents to bring about a sense of pride, personal achievement and belonging. 

Codswallop CIC aims to establish a sense of community and strong bonds of friendship between people, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexuality or ethnicity.

Develop a varied and engaging arts programme for the local community  

- Host public events that are accessible to all   

- Develop theatre, drama lessons, music lessons and art events relevant to the context and history of the local community  

- Groups that meet the varied needs of members of the community 

Establish a supportive local community  

- Work to bridge intergenerational gaps 

- Keep the community central to the organisation and its work 

- Being supportive to other local businesses and community ventures 

Ensure that the arts are accessible both monetarily and physically to all within the communities we work with/in  

- Strive to make all events ‘Pay What You Can’ 

- Never refusing anyone a place in one of our groups 

- Provide a bursary scheme to those who cannot afford session fees 

- Reach out to people with disabilities, and strive to make all events physically accessible as well as developing a programme of accessible performances 

- Work to become accessible to those with learning disabilities, dementia and autism. 

Provide opportunities for people living within the local community  

- Opportunities for young people to volunteer, work experience and gain paid work as an employee of the organisation 

- Providing groups that can be accessed by all ages of the local community 

- Opportunities for both young and old to perform as part of a theatre company without any fees  

- Jobs for young people not wishing to pursue studies at university 

- Opportunities for the local community to access a wider variety of arts and theatre events. 

- Introduce a ‘fair fees’ policy to ensure that people within the arts are paid the going rates. 

To become a producer of meaningful theatre  

- Providing an alternative to the ‘norm’ of local amateur dramatic theatre 

- Producing relevant and engaging political theatre 

- Creating an educational and morally centred theatre programme to be accessed by schools 


We 100% believe that our activities should be accessible to anybody wanting to take part and make it our mission to overcome and barrier preventing someone from doing so.

If you have any additional requirements we should be aware of prior to you attending a session then please do not hesitate in getting in contact. Our team is well experienced in catering to complex physical and mental needs of people of all ages.

We also feel financial situations should not hinder a chance to get involved with our groups. Because of this, our standard price tariff across all Codswallop groups is set at around £2.50 per hour for weekly sessions and around £7.50 per day for extended projects. (prices may be rounded up to the nearest 50p or vary due to inclusive trips, resources or visiting artists). However, if you are not in a position to pay the fee, please just let us know. We have a variety of funded place and bursary schemes for you to take advantage of. We would much rather you took part for free than for you to not be involved at all!

We also have our Pay What You Can scheme where by at events and shows, we ask audience members to simply pay what they can. Find out more here.

If you wish to discuss anything further, please contact us via the Contact Page.


Please find a number of our policies available for download and to peruse for your information. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

During our transition period between JP Productions and Codswallop CIC, Policies made under the JP Productions name will be directly applicable to Codswallop CIC until relevant documents are in place for Codswallop CIC.